Dear Friend,


                We are pleased to announce that this coming Sunday, Easter Sunday, we will be having a very special service that you will not want to miss. As we celebrate our Risen Lord, both in worship and in the Word, we will also be presenting a modern-day miracle that has happened right here at LifePoint Church. Many times, we speak of the amazing and delivering power of God, and this Sunday, we will see first hand what God can do when we trust in Him. I am sure that this service will increase your faith and inspire you to believe even more in the life changing power of God. While we are amazed at what Jesus did while on this earth, it is so much greater to see what He is still doing right here in our own lives.

                Please join us expecting God to not only show you what He has already done but expecting what He will do in your life this Sunday. If you are, or you know someone who is, oppressed, depressed, or needs a healing of any kind, bring them to this service! We are expecting healings and miracles as we celebrate the miracle of Jesus and His power.

                This Easter will be the changing point in many lives as God’s Spirit sweeps through this service and fills us with His presence and power. Our teaching sessions start at 11AM and the Worship Service begins at 12PM. We are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!


In His Service


R Wayne Gilliss, Sr Pastor


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