A Great Sum

A great Sum

Acts 22:28    The Apostle Paul and a Roman soldier were having a discussion about freedom.  The soldier said, “I obtained my freedom at A GREAT SUM.”   Apparently, the Roman soldier had obtained his citizenship/ freedom at great price. Whatever the cost, it was worth that great sum to be a free Roman citizen.


Freedom has never been free. I thank God for the freedom we have as citizens in the United States of America. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the freedoms they embody and guarantee to every American citizen came at a great sum. From 1776 thru the War of 1812, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Battle at Midway, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the fight for freedom rages on.  Oh, THE GREAT SUM  that has been paid financially, physically and emotionally.  All have given some, but some have given all.   I honor them and thank God for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Yet there is another freedom we can have.   The one mentioned above is for a lifetime, but this one is for Eternity (soul freedom).  It involves being free from the wages of sin.   It also came at a very GREAT SUM. Way back in the Garden of Eden, Satan bound and kidnapped the souls of humanity through sin.  He demanded a Great Sum to be paid, a ransom to set us free.  That SUM/RANSOM was so great that no mortal man, nations or people could acquire it.  But in Job 33:24, Job declares “I have found a ransom to deliver me from the pit”.    That GREAT SUM would not be gold, silver, rubies, diamonds or pearls.   But it would be and could only be the  Precious Blood of Jesus Christ.( I Peter 1:18-21)   Jesus Christ gave himself a RANSOM  for all. (I Timothy 2:5-6)

You can be free from drugs, addictions, prejudice and sin.

A RANSOM has been found! A GREAT  SUM  has been paid! JESUS  paid it all!

Oh by the way, the kidnapper of our soul has been discovered and he will pay.

Revelation 20:10  Cast into the lake of fire—tormented day and night.
(Pastor Stump)