Easter Sunday at LifePoint Church

Easter Sunday is more than just an opportunity to enjoy a holiday with your family; it is a day of great spiritual significance. It is a day where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and reflect on the profound message of hope and renewal that His resurrection represents. It is a day of joy, reflection, and celebration.

Easter Sunday is also a day for introspection. It is a day where we are reminded of the power of faith and the importance of hope. It is a day for us to reflect on the Biblical values that we hold dear and to recommit ourselves to live our lives in accordance with those values. It is a day for us to remember that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to rise again – a power that Jesus gives us!

So, we invite you to join us in celebrating Easter Sunday at LifePoint Church. Come share in the joy and the reflection. Come share in the spirit of renewal and hope. Come share in the celebration of life and love. Come and celebrate the Risen King Jesus and the victorious power He gives to us!

We are excited to announce that our Easter Sunday service will be held on March 31st at 11 a.m. We look forward to sharing this special day with you and your family. If you have any questions regarding our services, please use the chat button in the corner to speak to someone directly.
For more information on our location and directions, please visit: Contact & Directions
Exterior Picture of LifePoint Church