The steps we take today, determine our future tomorrow.  For a brighter tomorrow, let your light shine today.  More specifically, let Jesus shine through you.  The future has never been so bright and exciting.


The devil is not so concerned about what we have DONE,  good / or bad, but,  he doesn’t want us to have a future.  He doesn’t even really mind that we were baptized /  filled with the Holy Ghost. He wants to stop us there.  No future in Christ.


Interesting to note, that when Satan tempted Jesus in Matthew 4, it was before Jesus ever did his first miracle, healed, raised the dead or walked on water.


Jesus had just been baptized by John the Baptist, and a voice spoke from heaven saying  “this is my beloved  son in whom I am well pleased”.   Lucifer probably thought, I’ve got to snuff this out before He has a future.  He first tried to get Jesus to commit suicide,  that didn’t work.  Then he showed Him, all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.  But that didn’t work, so for the next 3 ½ years, Satan used everyone and every trick he had.    But,  He couldn’t stop Jesus.


Step by step, day by day,  Jesus moved closer to the  future he was born for,  A   CROSS.

When Jesus said,” IT IS FINISHED” ,  Satan may have been having  a hot party.  But a knock came on the door, and a booming voice cried GIVE ME THE KEYS.  The future of millions of souls would be loosed and freed!!!!


Here is the mustard seed.  We must not become content with the status quo of  JUST BEING SAVED.

WE  HAVE A FUTURE!  Lucifer is doing all he can to hinder, bribe, distort and distroy it.  He knows the power and potential, we have.  He couldn’t stop Christ future then, and he can’t stop our future in Christ now.


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me……Isaiah 61:1-3.

I can do all things through Christ ……Phillipians 4:13  

I have power  ……..Acts 1:8

Not by might  /  power  /   but by my Spirit sayeth the Lord of host….Zechariah 4:6


Here comes the future.  Lifepoint are you ready to step into 2017?  I see the future for us and Lifepoint,


A Great Sum

A great Sum

Acts 22:28    The Apostle Paul and a Roman soldier were having a discussion about freedom.  The soldier said, “I obtained my freedom at A GREAT SUM.”   Apparently, the Roman soldier had obtained his citizenship/ freedom at great price. Whatever the cost, it was worth that great sum to be a free Roman citizen.


Freedom has never been free. I thank God for the freedom we have as citizens in the United States of America. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the freedoms they embody and guarantee to every American citizen came at a great sum. From 1776 thru the War of 1812, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, Battle at Midway, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan, the fight for freedom rages on.  Oh, THE GREAT SUM  that has been paid financially, physically and emotionally.  All have given some, but some have given all.   I honor them and thank God for the freedoms we enjoy today.

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Living In A Miracle, Doubting Miracles

I have been going through one of the most difficult situations in my life. I have paced my hallways, prayed and cried before God. I have lost countless nights of sleep because I have been brought to a situation that I have never faced before! This is so out of my control. This situation is gigantic. It has brought fear and confusion, hurt and pain. But, I am so thankful for the Word of God. As I was down on my knees in despair, God brought to my mind the children of Israel.
They had been living a miracle existence. They had come out of Egypt because of the Hand of God. They crossed through the Red Sea onto dry ground and watched their enemy destroyed because of the power of God. The Israelites received their daily sustenance as a miraculous bread from heaven. Their very steps were ordered by God as they followed a miracle in the sky. But when the children of Israel come to the promise land God had told them was there, they began to doubt. There very existence was a miracle; the very place they were in life was a miracle, but because they had never faced these giants before they began to doubt God and looked to their own ability, which they deduced as being grasshoppers. This caused them to wonder in the wilderness for 40 years. When they came back to the land of promise the second time, they came back in faith and were able to move forward and claim the miracle and walk into the land of promise.

Love Defined

Love Defined


Forward Love

Love One Another Valentine's Day Church Website BannerIf you were to ask 10 different people their definition of love, you would recieve 10 different answers. 
Many people think love, is a complex thing, easily missed and evaded. But perhaps their view is tainted by the media and perhaps even life experiences. Love, according to the media is something that happens quickly, that kiss on a first date! All of sudden you think you are in love, only to be disappointed later. But in actuality, that was not love. Love in fast forward doesn’t really work! So, we begin to think that love doesn’t really exist.  Read more…

Red, Yellow and Green

(Sharefaith App Image)We all want to go forward. Recently, I have been teaching my daughter to drive. In order for her to go forward, she had to have an understanding of the basics. While driving, there are some traffic signals we encounter; the red, yellow and green lights. We all know, red = stop, yellow= slow down and green=go. As long as we are obeying the signals we should be ok! When headed forward in God, there are some red, yellow and greens in our journey. The red light God puts in our life is for stop. Stop sinning. God wants us to stop causing trouble in our life by disobeying His word. Ps. 38:18 says, ” I will be sorry for my sin”. We need to repent of our sins and turn from our ways. I have noticed that if you choose to run a red light, it not only effects you, but those around you. When we choose to run the red lights God puts in our life, our family and those closest to us are affected.  Read more…