LifePoint Academy is an accredited private school in Galloway, New Jersey, serving students from Kindergarten to 12th grade.

LifePoint Academy opened in September 2012 as a service to the community and LifePoint Church. The center provides a safe, Christ-centered, positive environment for students to grow both spiritually and academically. 

LifePoint Academy maintains a small student-to-teacher ratio to enable the students to build a family-like bond with each other and their teachers. This creates lasting relationships and strengthens character.

Throughout the years, LifePoint Academy graduates have also become primary ministry leaders in almost every department at LifePoint Church.

If you are looking to enroll your child in a private school and would like more information about LifePoint Academy,  contact our office administrator at 609-645-1317 or by filling out this form.


K-2 Program

Our earliest learning program starts at Kindergarten (5 years old), and continues through through 2nd grade. This program gives students a rich start on their academic journey. They will learn to read, write, and count using Alpha Omega Publications LIFEPAC Curriculum. Using this curriculum as a guide, LifePoint Academy faculty members teach, grade, and assist students every step of the way.

3-8 Program

Students entering 3rd through 8th grade continue their education by transferring seamlessly into Alpha Omega Publications Ignitia Curriculum. This fully-online program allows students to work independently. LifePoint Academy faculty members are present to guide, grade, and offer supplementary training on all subjects and concepts.

9-12 Program

Students entering high school continue using the Alpha Omega Publications Ignitia Curriculum. LifePoint Academy faculty members are present to explain complicated mathematics, assist students in elective choices, and grade MLA style essays. The goal of LifePoint Academy is for each student to graduate with their feet already their chosen college or career path.